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Joumana Dance Show

We offer tailor-made dance performances.

Every detail is customizable! 
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About Us

Joumana dance company has been performing since 2006 and has gained worldwide recognition for its unique style - a signature mixture of the finest oriental dance and impressive show elements, created with the highest standards of european quality. Mesmerising and mysterious, we specialize in creating magical stories that come to life through the movement of dance.

We are based in two capital cities - Vienna (Austria) and Moscow (Russia) and available to perform internationally.

Our extensive experience and planning flexibility allows us to create a unique custom-made program for your event of any kind, ranging from big stage productions, theatre shows, gala performances, supporting acts for singers to smaller scale events, such as private weddings and family celebrations.

Our show is family-friendly.

All our costumes are designed especially for the dancers of the Joumana Dance Show. Handmade with the highest quality materials, our costumes dazzle the audience with details including materials such as silk, feathers, thousands of rhinestones, crystals, exclusive embroidery, and much more.

Experience a magical world of tenderness, beauty, and femininity,

   where the love of dance is expressed through body and soul.

Katerina Joumana

Artistic Director / Choreographer / Dancer

Since 2005, Katerina has devoted her career full-time to the art of oriental/middle eastern dance both as a solo performer and as the creator, artistic director, choreographer, and costume designer of her company, Joumana Dance show. 


Both solo, and accompanied by her show, Katerina Joumana has performed and shared her knowledge as a choreographer in more than 20 countries around the world.

Having immense passion about the direction she chose in life and respect for authentic culture, Katerina constantly researches and studies dance and music traditions of various countries and regions of the middle east from folklore to contemporary dance forms. Her unique performances organically modernize these traditions to create an enchanting world that entrances and transports the viewer.

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The choreography and light decorations were amazing – AND THE COSTUMES!! 
simply spectacular! –   everything was fairytale-like and totally magical.
A night I will always remember.


A huge heartfelt thank you, for your performance at the wedding party!
 Your talent, beauty, and attention to detail made the evening feel like a dream. 

We highly recommend Joumana Dance Show as you operate with the highest of professionalism. 

We are happy to be a long-term collaborator. 


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