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Show Offerings

Pick and choose show offerings and number of dancers to create your dream performance!

We are happy and able to accommodate special requests you may have! Including but not limited to: costume alterations for a more modest offering, live or recorded music, choreography to a requested song, etc. Your imagination is the limit! Simply mention your desires in the initial booking email. 

Group Shows

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Royal Dance by Candlelight

Since ancient times, light has been considered a special symbol in all cultures. Candle light especially is known for creating a warm intimate atmosphere. In oriental cultures, a unique accessory, the candelabra or Shamadan, is an essential part of weddings and serves as a symbol of the bright future for the newly wed couple. We took this ancient tradition and brought it into the current age.


In our performance, up to 16 dancers sway elegantly to the rhythm of oriental waltz, while effortlessly balancing shamadans, glowing with the light of real candles, atop their heads. Hundreds of yards of snow-white fabric have been used to create unique custom-made dresses for this performance. The tops and skirts are decorated with crystals, pearls, and golden appliqués; shaped as melting candle wax.


Number of dancers: 3 - 16

Candles: real or LED

Silk Madness

This performance is accompanied by the beautiful musical composition called "Mysterious World,"written by the Uzbek composer, Sultonali Rahmatov.


Rich dark hues and jewels on the costumes symbolize the night sky twinkling with stars. Meters of silk transition from deep blue to bright yellow like a sunrise over the mountains.


The dancers twirl their handkerchiefs as if they were holding kaleidoscopes, image after image changes, picture after picture; a blossoming flower, autumn leaves carried away by the wind, a streaming waterfall, stars on the Milky Way, and for the finale - a whirlwind of elements!


Number of dancers: 3-10

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Dance of Charming Peacocks

The setting is a fairy palace of an Arab sheikh or an Indian Maharaja. In the marvelous garden we find walking birds of paradise - charming peacocks. Gracefully moving in the rhythm of music, they fascinate and delight the audience. Enchanted by the beauty of their movements, one audience member volunteers to join them, supported by the applause of the audience. Then the lady of the peacock kingdom appears in a suit made of thousands of peacock feathers and performs her divine dance. 


Number of dancers: 3 - 9

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LED Dance Show

A unique fusion of art and technology made it possible to create this breathtaking piece. The interplay of darkness and light instantly impresses the audience, as the first dancer appears on stage, to be joined by eight more performers. Suddenly, nine huge star-shaped wings open and light up the whole stage. Like in a magic kaleidoscope, the light patterns come to life constantly changing and transforming. The piece reaches its peak with the fans of 9 dancers swirling simultaneously, creating breathtaking images of huge blue moons in a dark sky.

Number of dancers: 2-9

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Fiery Drum Solo

This is the highlight of the Jumana show program. A real, traditional belly dance. But even here, we have prepared surprises for the audience! In the hands of Joumana - an Arab drum, called a tabla or darbuka.


At first, she performs a fast solo, but as the drumbeat slows, she puts down the drum and suddenly it becomes a stage. Masterly keeping balance, obeying the rhythm of music, Joumana dances atop the drum. The audience watches with suspense and captivation at her skill and precision. 

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Wild West

This performance showcases one of the folk dances of Upper Egypt, known as "Saidi.’’ This is a traditional male dance, the choreography of which is based on the movements of martial art. Over time, this dance began to be performed by women.


We decided to transport the viewer to the wild west and connect the East and West; an eastern dance with the adventurous spirit of the prairies. The showcase of this piece is audience interaction! Joumana dancers teach and encourage the audience to participate and dance alongside them. Even those who remain purely a viewer are a part of the show, and support the brave ones with festive applause. 


Number of dancers: 2-10

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Special Wedding Offer

Our many years of experience performing at the most prestigious weddings and knowledge of the intricacies of organizing wedding events, allows us to create a unique wedding offer. This special day will truly be a fairy tale for both you and your guests.


We offer beautiful set wedding choreography for the opening of the celebration, and a show program for the entertainment of the guests.


However, if you would like a custom performance, we would be thrilled to create something special just for you!

Possible customizations include:

- an unforgettable entrance of the bride, accompanied by Joumana Dance Show

- a personalized choreography for the bride and groom’s first dance, in any style, with or without the professional accompaniment of the artists Joumana Dance Show

- a themed show program for your wedding, in any style: romance, fairy-tale, 1001 nights, gangster novel, etc.

Our imagination has no limit!

Wedding Offer

Live Music Show

The energy and drive of live music is unbeatable!

1 to 16 dancers on stage accompanied by a professional middle-eastern band. This option is a highlight amongst international, as well as oriental, audiences. Guests will appreciate the fine art of oriental dance to timeless arabic classical music pieces, energetic drum solos, popular shaabi, and folk songs, all performed live! Everyone will have lots of fun dancing to the catchy arabic rhythms.


We will discuss your wishes and create a song list that suits your event best. Our band can include 3 to 15 professional musicians and a male/female singer. We have a wide repertoire including popular hits as well as classical songs from all parts of the middle east: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the Gulf countries, Iraq and North Africa.

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Sunlight Fantasy

This is both an energetic antree, in the best traditions of music-hall, and an exciting eastern fairy tale with a dance of graceful long-legged beauties swiftly whirling in a whirlwind of merry dance. Bright sunlight, a freshness and light breeze. A cherished dream and a dream in reality. And here She appears, majestic and incomprehensible, mysterious and captivating. As befits a real queen, the oriental queen, the master of fairy-tale creatures, in a refined magnificent suit. Her head is crowned with a beautiful crown sparkling like a gorgeous diamond shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. It fascinates and beckons for itself, captivating spectators in the country of sweet dreams and languid desires!


Number of dancers: 3-5

Back Goddess Wings

Goddess Wings

The magical wings of the Egyptian goddess Isis seem to raise both dancers and spectators over the earth. Dancing with this oriental accessory was introduced in Europe in the 19th century by the outstanding dancer, Loi Fuller. Her Serpentine number has been imitated by many craftsmen for many years. Joumana was able to combine serpentine flexibility with hints of light and a flying cloth. An unforgettable visual experience!

Number of dancers: 3-5

Birthday Surprise

Who doesn't like amazing surprises, especially if it their birthday?


Over the years, we have masterfully surprised all ages from newborns to 90 year olds. A full dance performance or a short dance solo - either are an excellent birthday gift.


Especially now, in the age of smartphones - you can be sure your
present will be captured on video by your guests and be remembered
for a long time!

Dance Workshop

We offer interactive, educational workshops, with or without live percussion music. Follow along with Joumana and up to 2 other dancers, as they teach you and your group a small, basic choreography.


Perfect for team-building, family reunions, or other special events.

TV, Collaborations, Advertising, & Video Clips

Joumana dance show has been featured on Russian TV's Channel 1 several times, including on the most famous talk shows. We collaborate with singers to create choreographies and dancing accompaniment for their stage shows in the most prestigious venues.  We take part in advertising videos as well as in movie and video clip projects.


Give us your idea and music, and we will work out the concept that suits your wishes best. We create the choreography, choose costumes, and conduct rehearsals. You will be able to follow the progress and attend rehearsals if you wish. Having performed with famous artists and singers on the best stages of Russia and internationally with up to 10,000 spectators, we have the necessary experience to take any show to a higher level.

Special Holiday Offer

Special Christmas and New year's offer. Party in style with an exciting show!

Details coming soon.


Follow the news!!

Themed Events 

Are you throwing a special party that has a theme? Fantastic!

We are happy to create a customized show for any themed event, including coming up with ideas, creating choreographies, and designing custom-made costumes according to your wishes. Some of the subjects we have done are:

Indian Wedding Party

Hawaii – Hula interactive workshop

Beach party

Travel in time

Journey around the world

Thai experience

Great Gatsby

Wild West

Latino party


Solo Offers


Wings Dance

Wings - a spectacular accessory, incredibly beautiful by themselves. However, in recent years they have become very popular, and are used by almost every eastern dancer.


Joumana approached the creation of this dance with her signature imagination. Here, wings live and die, swirl and soar, breathe and fade. Brilliant brocades play and shimmer in the light of the soffits, flowing from form to shape as molten gold.

Back solo wings

Fiery Drum Solo

This is the highlight of the Jumana show program. A real, traditional belly dance. But even here, we have prepared surprises for the audience! In the hands of Joumana - an Arab drum, called a tabla or darbuka. At first, she performs a fast solo, but as the drumbeat slows, she puts down the drum and suddenly it becomes a stage. Masterly keeping balance, obeying the rhythm of music, Joumana dances atop the drum. The audience watches with suspense and captivation at her skill and precision. 

Back solo drum

Interactive Dance Number

During this performance, the spotlight is on a guest from the audience; a birthday person, the head of the company, or simply a volunteer.  Under the festive applause of the audience, Joumana invites him to the stage and teaches the movements of belly dancing. Shimming the hips, swaying, and spinning - a new dancer has been accepted onto the team!

Back Interactive solo

Peacock Dance in Pointe Shoes

This is a unique number, combining belly dancing and classic pointe shoes, with a fair amount of humor. Where else have you seen a proud peacock, losing his tail and turning into a chicken? However, the bird remains optimistic and even without a tail, tries to fly.  The stunning designer costume is made with real peacock feathers and Swarovski rhinestones. This number won first place at the Russian and International competitions, and was shown in Paris and Venice.

Back solo peacock

Live Oriental Band Show

In the authentic art of oriental dance, live music makes all the difference. Something special truly comes alive when musicians follow the dancer and the dancer follows the musicians. In the oriental world, a big part of music is improvised, and even well-known pieces are played a bit differently each time, to suit the mood of all involved. This "not-knowing" part creates the intimate dialogue between the dancer and the orchestra. The music and the dance are created here and now, never to be repeated in the same way again. The audience is the third participant in this performance. As the guests are taken away by the music, feelings and emotions come alive in the dancer's body. Amazing raw energy emerges in this encounter between the musicians the dancer and the audience. This experience is a highlight at all kinds of events.


Arabic audiences can enjoy well-known musical pieces - arabic classics to folk pieces of all countries of the middle east, from latest pop hits to popular shaabi music. And of course the dancing! Every guest will have a chance to dance and request their favourite songs. Our professional oriental band will be happy to play them all!


International audiences get the chance to see authentic oriental dance. In our experience, everyone is totally impressed by the highest level of oriental dance performance and are completely surprised by how it looks on the highest professional level. In addition, our band can play "dancing" sets, consisting of well-known arabic hits. We can even hold a mini dancing workshop accompanied by live music as well! Guest will have tremendous fun learning to swing their hips and shimmy like real dancers!

Back solo live band

Fire Storm in the Desert

Two three-meter silk veils, hand-painted, fly about like the flames of a fire. A fiery whirlwind can be observed endlessly burning like the heat of the desert.

Back solo fire storm

Classic Oriental Dance/Bellydance

In Arabic, it is called Raks Sharki, which translated means,"oriental dance." 
This performance is an amazing art of reflecting oriental music in body movements and can be both a choreographed or improvisational dance with classical or modern oriental music.


The combination of different rhythms, and the use of elements from folk dances in the Middle East, allow the dancer to show the audience all the beauty of the melody while demonstrating a command over the body. Costumes can be chosen from any of the show offerings described above.

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